*Beautiful   Message !*

💬  _Stay   Away   From   Anger… It   Hurts ….Only   You !_

💬  _If    You    Are    Right    Then     There    is     No    Need    to    Get    Angry …_

💬  _And    If    You    Are    Wrong    Then    You     Don’t     Have    Any    Right    to    Get    Angry._

💬  _Patience    With    Family    is   Love ….._

💬  _Patience    With    Others    is   Respect._

💬  _Patience     With     Self     is   Confidence   And   Patience   With   GOD   is   Faith._

💬  _Never    Think    Hard    About    The    PAST ,    It    Brings    Tears…_

💬  _Don’t    Think    More    About   The   FUTURE ,   It   Brings   Fear…_

💬 _Live   This   Moment   With   A   Smile ,  It    Brings   Cheer._

💬 _Every     Test     in    Our    Life   Makes   Us   Bitter   Or   Better ….._

💬  _Every   Problem   Comes   To   Make   Us   Or   Break   Us  !_

💬  _The      Choice     is       Ours   Whether   We   Become   Victims   Or   Victorious._

💬  _Beautiful   Things    Are    Not   Always   Good   But   Good  Things   Are   Always   Beautiful ……_

💬  _” Happiness ”   Keeps   You ….  Sweet   But   Being   Sweet   Brings   Happiness.

You will go offline on Facebook, you will go offline on whatsApp, you will go offline on viber, you will go offline on tango, you will go offline on twitter and you will also go offline on instagram. Your phone number will be off. You will no longer comment on posts or even receive messages or information from family and friends.

Your friends, family and even your enemies will cry because there will be no more you. But you know what will remain when you are gone? The Bible that you read will be online. Your daily prayers will be online. Your giving will be online. Your good deeds will be online. your fasting will be online. All the things that you did for the sake of God will be online with you inside the grave. Let all of us think about this. Eventually we are all going to die. Because death is right upon every living thing and every soul shall taste death!

Why not prepare for that time?
Because that time it will be only you.

Why not stop being afraid of people?
Why not stop being afraid of what people will say?
Why don’t you take decisions that will benefit you on the day of judgement?
Why don’t you take decisions that will help you in the grave?
Why not please God and have eternal happiness, fun and enjoyment? Remember; Every soul shall taste death.

Many of we Christian fear or feel ashame to share Christian post on our wall just because we have non-christians  in our friend list. Let me ask you just one question, do you fear your Creator (God) or the creation?
SHARE if you are proud to be a Christian, so others can benefit . May almighty GOD make it easy for us.